Our Mission

To maximise the life of perfectly good technology products by making them accessible to value-conscious consumers and ease the environmental burden of e-waste

The Opportunity

  • Less than one in 10 Australian smartphone owners (8%) are participating in the quickly growing $7 billion used-phone global marketplace *
  • Australian replacement smartphone market is 5 million devices per year, this means there’s an opportunity to re-use 5 million pre-owned devices
  • On 21 June 2017, the Government confirmed that from 1 July 2018 the GST will be extended to low value imports of physical goods imported by consumers. This includes all taxable goods that have a value equal to or less than A$1,000. This means grey imports are likely to be less competitive resulting in increased demand for locally supplied products.

    Media Release: http://sjm.ministers.treasury.gov.au/media-release/056-2017/

* Source: Gartner Report 2016 “Reused, Resold, Recycled — Where Do Old Smartphones Go?”

About Us

Darscot is a wholesaler of pre-owned technology products. Our leadership team has a wealth of mobile industry experience covering the complete spectrum from end users and consumers, through after sales service, retail, distribution, mobile network operators and OEMs. This rich experience gives us a solid understanding of the mobile business.


Executive Director